Building Information

If your project is 300 ft. or closer to a river or stream or to the landward site of a floodplain, whichever is greater;  OR 1000 ft  from a lake, pond or flowage you will need to contact Marinette County Zoning Department for a Zoning permit

If You are building Garage; storage; deck, you can obtain Building permit from me at the Town hall. I can be reached at 715-927-2185 to make arrangements for that. You can also use the mail. If you prefer mail, please send a check for $20.00 payable to Town of Wausaukee, PO Box 464, Wausaukee, WI 54177. Along with the check I will need info such as 1.) description of project; 2.) your home address and phone  number; 3.) property location in Wausaukee. I will mail permit back to you .

If you are building a cottage/home/ addition to preexisting home you will need to get a state building permit.

This is issued by Jane Meissner. Cell: 715-245-1708; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; web:

Jane will let you know all info needed for building a cottage/home/ addition to preexisting home in Town of Wausaukee.

After you are all set with Jane you can pass a copy of the State permit to me along with a check for $20.00 made out to the Town of Wausaukee PO Box 464, Wausaukee, WI 54177.

The Town of Wausaukee prohibits manufactured or mobile homes in excess of 15 years of age to be set in the Town of Wausaukee.

Contact Jane Meisner Cell : 715-245-1708; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; web: for State permit. (not sure on that cost. She will let you know what you need ie. reconnect sanitary permit; zoning permit (zoning permit is from County, not sure on that cost either)

After Jane has issued permit then back to me for a Town permit which is $20.00.

Town of Wausaukee encourages all property owners to have a Fire Number at their property for both Fire and Rescue. This number along with road name is your address for mailing if needed.

If you are in need of a Fire number, click here to download the Fire Number Application, which contains all information to purchase that Number Sign. Print, fill out and mail to Town of Wausaukee along with payment of $60.00

Building Ordinance


Section 1: Authority

The Town Board of the Town of Wausaukee, under Sec. 66.035 Wis. Stats., has the specific authority, powers and duties, pursuant to the specific sections noted in this ordinance and/or by its adoption of Village Powers under 60.10, Wis. Stats., to regulate, prevent, control and enforce against in the Town of Wausaukee certain uses, activities, businesses and operations by persons that may affect the construction, altering, repairing, demolishing and/or use of new or existing structures in the Town of Wausaukee.

Section 2: Definitions

  • (a) Dwelling Unit: A structure or that part of a structure which is used or intended to be used as a home, residence or sleeping place by one person or by two persons maintaining a common household (Section 101.61 (2) Wis. Stats.)
  • (b) Manufactured Home: A dwelling structure or component thereof as defined in Wis. Stats. 101.91 (2) (a).
  • (c) Mobile Home: A transportable factory built structure as is defined in Wis. State. 101.91 (1) designed to be used as a dwelling.

Section 3: Building Permits Required

Permit Required:

  • (1) No building or structure, or any part thereof shall hereinafter be erected, enlarged, altered, moved, demolished, razed, or used within the Town, except as herein provided, until a permit therefore shall first have been obtained by the Owner, or his or her authorized agent, from the Town Clerk.
  • (2) The building permit shall be effective for twelve months from the date issued for work stated on the permit.
  • (3) A permit shall not be required for repair or minor alterations of existing structures when such work will not, in the determination of the Clerk, exceed $500.00 dollars in assessed value Costs to be determined as 50% material and 50% labor.
  • (4) No building permit will be required for routine maintenance, specifically house painting, roofing replacement, and/or replacement of windows of the same style and size, when no additional building or work is to be done.

Restrictions – Dwelling units including Manufactured and Mobile Homes:

  • (1) All dwelling units shall be attached to a permanent foundation, or on concrete blocks and skirted with appropriate material within ninety days of setup.
  • (2) No converted vehicles such as, but not limited to, vans, semi trailers, school busses or trolley cars are to be considered dwelling units within the scope of this ordinance. The parking of such unlicensed vehicles in the Town of Wausaukee is prohibited.
  • (3) All unlicensed travel trailers and mobile homes that are parked for more than twenty-one (21) days on any land that is not occupied as residential property with a residential dwelling erected thereon, shall be subject to all restrictions and provisions of this ordinance.
  • (4) All dwelling units, including manufactured and mobile homes, locating in the Town of Wausaukee in accordance with the above requirements shall be considered permanent dwellings and taxed accordingly.
  • (5) All dwellings not in place at the time this ordinance takes effect shall be subject to all provisions and restrictions of this ordinance.
  • (6) The Town of Wausaukee prohibits manufactured or mobile homes in excess of 15 years of age to be set in the Town of Wausaukee.


Section 4: Setbacks

  • (1) The drip line of any structure either permanent or temporary shall not be within 30 (thirty) feet of a town road right of way, or within 30 (thirty) feet of a platted access and egress right of way.
  • (2) The drip line of any structure either permanent or temporary shall not be set within 10 (ten) feet of the adjoining property line even if both properties are owned jointly.

  • Section 5: Application

Application for a building permit shall be made in writing upon a form furnished by the Clerk or his/her designee and also state the name and address of the Owner of the land and also the Owner of the building if different and the legal description of the land upon which the building is to be built.


Section 6: Sanitary Permit

With such application, there shall be submitted a copy of a valid sanitary permit, or provide written documentation verifying that the existing private sewage system is not a failing system and has sufficient size and soil conditions to accommodate the waste water load and that the proposed structure meets all applicable setback requirements.  If a structure is not served by running water and does not have plumbing, a privy permit is an acceptable substitution for a sanitary permit.


Section 7: Approval of Permit

If the clerk determines the building will comply with the the ordinances and order of the Town, he/she may issue a building permit which will be kept and displayed at the site of the proposed building. If the clerk should refuse to grant such a permit, the applicant shall appear at any regular meeting of the Town board, and the Town board shall act upon such application.


Section 8: Building Permit Fee

There shall be a charge of $20.00 per permit, and an additional $30.00 for a fire number if needed.


Section 9: Disclaimer

This ordinance shall not be construed as assuming any liability on the part of the Town of Wausaukee for damages to anyone injured or for property destroyed by any defect in any building or equipment, or in any plumbing or electrical wiring or equipment.


Section 10: Penalty

  • (1) Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of the ordinance shall forfeit to the Town of Wausaukee, not more than $200.00, and costs, or be imprisoned in the County jail not more than 90 days.
  • (2) Each 90 days of non-compliance shall constitute a new and separate violation.

This printing updated to include all amendments and dated April 11, 2017.


Download Docs & Forms

 Building Information section of this webpage (PDF).

 Building Ordinance section of this webpage (PDF).

 State of Wisconsin Building Permit Application SBD-5823, Rev1/17 (PDF).

 Town of Wausaukee Building Permit Application (PDF).