Town Of Wausaukee

May 12, 2020 Reg. Meeting

7:00 PM

Wausaukee Town Hall


Members Present: Chairman Jeff Engelmann; Supervisor 1 Bob Jicha; Supervisor 2 David Tomasino; Supervisor 3 Matthew Jicha; Supervisor 4 Dennis Taylor; Treasurer Sally Hultquist; Clerk Cheryl Stumbris,

Others Present: Bob Wesolowski; Howard Ehmke, Jim Pickett, Jerry Pillath

Chairman Engelmann called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Motion to Approve agenda was made by Supervisor Taylor; Seconded by Supervisor Bob Jicha; Motion Carried.

Motion to Approve Minutes was made by Supervisor Bob Jicha; Seconded by Supervisor Taylor; Motion Carried.

Financial Report

BOH as of 4/30/2020

Checking $39,251.09

MM General Account $ 426,825.85

Motion to Approve financial report was made by Supervisor Bob Jicha; Seconded by Supervisor Taylor; Motion Carried

Vouchers were reviewed by all board members and approved.

Howard Ehmke spoke to the Town Board about some concerns he has about some particular areas of Perch Lake Rd.; one being the culvert which was replaced near Russ-Mainik Rd 3 summers ago. He stated that the road heaves badly in the spring. The board agreed that due to frost coming out of ground and the fact that the water table has been at record high the last 2 years there is nothing they can do. Also Mr. Ehmke has concerns about the speed limit on Perch Lake Rd and the danger of pulling out of his driveway along with other neighbors with limited vision of traffic. The Town Board explained that speed limits are set by WI DOT and are willing to put up “Hidden Entrance “signs where ever it is necessary.

Jim Pickett with Rural Mutual insurance reviewed current Town Insurance and Workers Compensation policy along with answering any questions the board had. Supervisor Bob Jicha made a motion to remove coverage for pavilion at Evergreen Park; Increase Towing coverage; add Wood chipper to Equipment; add pollution coverage for equipment and vehicles and add umbrella liability; seconded by Supervisor Tomasino, Motion carried.

Rural Insurance also advises the Town of Wausaukee to place parking barriers on the paved surface in front of the office.

Supervisor Bob Jicha suggested two committee changes for 2020-2021. Supervisor Taylor made a motion to following committees:

     Fire Dept.…….Bob Flaws / Jeff Engelmann

Recycling……. Dave Tomasino / Bob Jicha

Park…………..…Bob Wesolowski / Matt Jicha/ David Tomasino

Dog Catcher….Chopper Dunlap / Jeff Engelmann / Dennis Taylor

Judicial…………Bob Jicha / Dennis Taylor

Seconded by Supervisor Matt Jicha; Motion carried.

Chairman Engelmann presented 2020 Road Construction Plan to include .58 mi Shell Rd.(pulverize, pave and shoulder) LRIP Project; .20 mi Narragon Rd (pulverize, pave and shoulder); .26 mi Freele Rd (pulverize, pave and shoulder); Crack Filling Lovers Ln Sub Division; Wolf Lake, Lubka and Freele Rds.; Wedge rough areas after Wausaukee River on Kafka Rd; 3mi Pike River Rd from Lubka to Boat Landing Rd (Wedging and Overlaying);Wedging 5-6 areas on Wolf Lake Rd; .24 mi Pine Ln (pave and shoulder); to include easement for turn-a-round. Supervisor Bob Jicha made a motion to accept Plan. Seconded by Supervisor Taylor, Motion carried.

Supervisor Bob Jicha made a motion to continue contract with Jane Meissner as Building inspector for the Town of Wausaukee for term May 15, 2019 to Dec.31, 2021; Seconded by Supervisor Taylor. Motion carried.

Supervisor Bob Jicha commented on ACT 185. If County passes, Town of Wausaukee will follow suit.

Assessor Jerry Pillath presented the Final Major Class Comparison for Town of Wausaukee, along with 2019 Assessment/Sales Ratio analysis. He stated that he should have proposed date for Board of review at July meeting. Jerry also distributed report concerning the Covid-19 affects to the assessment process.

Supervisor Bob Jicha made a motion to adjourn at 8:15 pm; seconded by Supervisor Taylor. Motion carried.