Town Of Wausaukee

March 10, 2020 Reg. Meeting

7:00 PM

Wausaukee Town Hall


Members Present: Chairman Jeff Engelmann; Supervisor 1 Bob Jicha; Supervisor 2 David Tomasino; Supervisor 3 Kurt Stumbris; Supervisor 4 Dennis Taylor; Treasurer Sally Hultquist

Members Absent: Clerk Cheryl Stumbris,

Others Present: Bob Wesolowski; Lance Rowley; Jared Deschane; Katey Ambrose; Norbert Van Den Elzen

Chairman Engelmann called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Motion to Approve agenda with addition of April Meeting Date was made by Supervisor Jicha; Seconded by Supervisor Taylor; Motion Carried.

Motion to Approve Minutes was made by Supervisor Taylor; Seconded by Supervisor Jicha; Motion Carried.

Financial Report

BOH as of 2/29/2020

Checking $772,362.76

MM General Account $ 398,618.17

Motion to Approve financial report was made by Supervisor Jicha; Seconded by Supervisor Tomasino; Motion Carried

Vouchers were reviewed by all board members and approved.

“State of the School Presentation” was given by Jared Deschane, Superintendent JH/SH Principal and Katie Ambrose, Elementary Principal. Their main focus was to inform/ communicate with the public of all aspects of what is happening at Wausaukee School District including where we started, where we’re at and what the future holds for our students and community.

   Supervisor Jicha made a motion to accept bid from Popp’s Marine for 24’ Floating Connecting Dock on Wolfe Lake. Seconded by Supervisor Taylor; Motion Carried.

Chairman Engelmann presented Road Construction 2020. He also stated that LRIP (Local Road Improvement Program) Grant was approved.

Request for bids will be made and opened at April 21rd Meeting.

Culvert on Pike River Rd will be replaced in 2020.

Sally gave update on Fire Call # 213. She stated Guardian for Property owner has agreed to make monthly payments. Board also discussed Fire call invoice # 215. Supervisor Jicha will call Insurance Company.

Supervisor Jicha made a motion to appoint Chairman Engelmann Highway Superintendent, seconded by Supervisor Tomasino. Motion carried.

Supervisor Jicha made a motion to reschedule April Monthly Meeting to April 21, 2020 at 6:30 pm; Seconded by Supervisor Tomasino. Motion carried.

Annual Meeting scheduled for 7:00 pm on April 21, 2020

In Audience comments Lance Rowley asked for an update on reconstruction of Glendale Rd. and Bridge.

Supervisor Tomasino made a motion to adjourn at 8:10 pm; seconded by Supervisor Taylor. Motion carried.