Town Of Wausaukee

May 11, 2021 Board of Review

6:59 PM

Wausaukee Town Hall


Members Present: Chairman Jeff Engelmann;

Supervisor 1 Bob Jicha; Supervisor 2 Brandon Taylor; Supervisor 3 Matt Jicha; Supervisor 4 Dennis Taylor;

Treasurer Hope Young; Clerk Cheryl Stumbris,

Others Present: Bob Wesolowski; Jim Pickett

­­­­­­­­­­Chairman Jeff Engelmann called Board of Review to order at 6:59 P.M.

Due  to  the  fact  the  assessment  roll  is  not  completed  at  this  time,  the  Board of  Review  will  be  adjourned  to a later Date.

Supervisor Bob Jicha made a motion to adjourn Board of Review, Seconded by Supervisor Dennis Taylor. Motion Carried.