Town of Wausaukee

January 8, 2019 Reg. Meeting
7:00 PM
Wausaukee Town Hall


Members Present: Chairman Jeff Engelmann; Supervisor 1 Bob Jicha; Supervisor 2 David Tomasino; Supervisor 3 Kurt Stumbris; Treasurer Sally Hultquist; Clerk Cheryl Stumbris,

Members Absent: Supervisor 4 Dennis Taylor;

Others Present: Jack Zore; Bob Wesolowski; James Pociask

Chairman Engelmann called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Motion to Approve agenda was made by Supervisor Jicha; Seconded by Supervisor Tomasino; Motion Carried.

Motion to Approve Minutes was made by Supervisor Jicha; Seconded by Chairman Engelmann Motion Carried.

Financial Report

BOH as of 12/31/2019

Checking $18,609.00

MM General Account $ 511,143.92

Motion to Approve financial report was made by Supervisor Jicha; Seconded by Supervisor Stumbris; Motion Carried.

Vouchers were reviewed by all board members and approved.

Supervisor Tomasino made a motion to approve Temporary Class B Liquor License to Wausaukee Rec Association for Dates of  January 25,2019 to January 27,2019; Seconded by Supervisor Stumbris. Motion carried.

Supervisor Jicha made a motion to approve Temporary Operator’s License to both Greg Schroeder and Jared Deschane for the dates January 25, 2019 to January 27,2019. Seconded by Supervisor Tomasino, Motion carried.

Supervisor Tomasino reported that he had quotes for installation of heating and cooling system for Town hall to include Heating for Shop. All quotes are for current installation. The target date for installation is in the spring of 2019. Supervisor Tomasino will get updated quotes for May installation. Discussion / action will be at February meeting.

Chairman Engelmann and Board had discussion on payment of 2010 CAT Grader. Final payment will be mid-February.

Supervisor Jicha presented cost comparison for two different options for set up of Town of Wausaukee Web Page. He will do follow up on option of lesser cost and report at February meeting.

Clerk gave handouts for 2019 Fire Contract Budget and WI Towns Association Marinette County Unit increase dues.

Supervisor Jicha made a motion to adjourn at 7:29 pm; seconded by Supervisor Tomasino. Motion carried.