ATV Routes

Town of Wausaukee
ATV Route Info

May 10, 2011

The following roads, under the jurisdiction of the Town of Wausaukee, are hereby designated as all-terrain vehicle routes:

  • Amberg Wausaukee Rd & Roush Rd.(starts East of Hwy 141 to Roush Rd; end Feller Rd.)
  • Beach Rd and Brooks Rd. Rd. (Starts Pike River Rd & Beach Rd to end Beach Rd. & end Brooks Rd)
  • Betts Rd. (Starts intersection Betts Rd & Lubka Rd to end Betts Rd.)
  • Bielak Rd. (Starts intersection Cty Hwy C & Bielak Rd to end Bielak Rd.)
  • Buck Lane (starts Feller Rd; ends end of Buck lane)
  • Burdell Rd. (Burdell @ Old 38 to W8111 Burdell rd.),
  • Burdell Road , West of Old 38 Road
  • Dumman Rd (intersection Dumman Rd & Perch Lake Rd. to end Dumman Rd.),
  • Evergreen Rd. and Patz Rd. (Starts Hwy 180 to end of Patz Rd.)
  • Feller Rd, Kaiko Rd( start 2 mi. east of Hwy 141, end Old 38 at Kaiko Rd.);
  • First St. (start Hwy 180, end Nejedlo Rd.)
  • Highway XX (start Hwy 180 to Town Middle Inlet)
  • Hillside Rd. (Starts intersection Old 38 Rd. & Hillside Rd to end Hwy 141 and Hillside Rd.)
  • Hillside road from the Village of Wausaukee limits to the intersection with old 38 Road
  • Holmes Creek Rd. (Pike River Rd to Forest Road 104);
  • Ila Rd. (starts Squaw Creek Rd.; ends at Otterway)
  • Jamros road from the Village of Wausaukee limits to the intersection with Pike River Road
  • Jermac Road
  • Judy St (starts Lovers Lane to end of Judy St.)
  • Kafka Rd. (Village / Town line to dead end Kafka Rd.)
  • Long Lake Rd.
  • Lovers Ln. (Jamros Rd. to Hwy 180) Freele Rd. (Pike River Rd. to Lubka Rd.)
  • Lubka Rd. (Pike River Rd. to Pike River Rd.)
  • Martin Road
  • McMahon Road
  • Mud lake Rd. (starts Hwy 180; end Hwy 180)
  • Nejedlo Rd. (starts Hwy 141, end Perch Lake Rd.);
  • O.K. Lane
  • Old 38 Road
  • Otterway (starts Squaw Creek Rd.; ends End of Otterway)
  • Palmer Road
  • Perch Lake Road
  • Pike River Road
  • Public Access Point Rd.
  • Schlies Rd. (start Hwy 180; end Town Middle Inlet)
  • Schroeder Lane (start Lovers lane; end Hwy 180)
  • Skory Rd.
  • Squaw Creek Rd. (Amberg to Pike River Rd)
  • Wolfe Lake Rd. & Naragon Rd. (start Lubka Rd; end of Wolfe Lake rd.)

 Click here to download the ATV Route Application (PDF format).